Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Primary Day

It’s primary day in Florida.  Yip yah; that means the polling and the junk mail are over for a week or so.

The attention of this election will be on the governor’s race, although it’s already pretty much a study in foregone conclusions.  Charlie Crist, the former Republican governor now running as a Democrat, will beat former state senator Nan Rich because of name recognition and the notoriety and novelty of Mr. Crist being a party switcher.  He will take on the man who succeeded him, Rick Scott.

The other race that is drawing attention in the Miami area is the race for County Commission being waged between incumbent Lynda Bell and Daniella Levine Cava.  For a local race it’s been generating a lot of direct mail and negative TV ads, especially from Ms. Bell, a right-winger of the first order.

There are also the usual local issues, including one in the city of Miami as to whether or not to approve a deal that would build a 1,000 foot tower in downtown that resembles a giant nail clipper.

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