Thursday, August 28, 2014

Winning By Being Wrong

The GOP has gotten so used to saying the budget deficit is exploding and is out of control that even when it’s not, they still say it is.

Let’s also note that the shrinking deficit – we’re seeing the fastest reduction since the end of World War II – is also one of the nation’s best-kept secrets. It was just last year when an independent national poll asked Americans whether they thought the deficit was increasing, decreasing, or staying about the same. Only 6 percent of the country recognized reality. That’s not a typo; it was just 6 percent.

The fact remains, however, that the annual budget deficit is on track this year to have shrunk by about $900 billion since President Obama took the oath of office.

Responding to the news today, a Republican spokesperson for the House Budget Committee told The Hill, “Too many families are living paycheck to paycheck, and if this report is any indication, things aren’t getting much better. We need to get spending under control, so we can build a healthy economy and expand opportunity for everyone in this country.”

You know what the best part — by which I mean the most aggravating part — is?  We wouldn’t have had the deficit in the first place had it not been for the Republicans.  To top it all off, they’ll campaign against the Democrats on it.  And probably win.

One bark on “Winning By Being Wrong

  1. Turns out Medicare is shrinking too. Far faster than the CBO anticipated, due to the changes in how doctors practice medicine which means eliminating all the expensive prescriptions and tests. This could mean we’re getting out of the deficit so fast Republicans heads will spin. Does the typical voter know this or care? Not if it disagrees with his long held convictions.

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