Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bullshit Works

Digby cites a poll in the Wall Street Journal that says Republicans have a 10-point advantage on the economy.  This despite the fact that the economy under President Obama has done better than it did under Ronald Reagan and the fact that in general the economy usually does better with a Democrat in the White House than it does under those financial geniuses in the GOP.

This proves for the umpteenth time that the Republicans are very good at baffling the voters with bullshit about lower taxes and trickle-down growth while standing atop the rubble of the housing bubble and the worst recession in eighty years.  They stand in the way of anything that could remotely be seen as helping the people who need it the most and then count on their votes in November because they’ve dazzled them with trinkets and frightened them with abstract fears of gay marriage and affordable health insurance.

Republicans have been running the House for four years now and their approval rating is duking it out with ebola to see who’s less popular.  Given that, the voters will happily return 98% of the incumbents in November.  So it works.  Which is why they do it.  It’s a lot easier than actually governing.

2 barks and woofs on “Bullshit Works

  1. Good Frank Bruni commentary this morning. Something seriously ails the American voter who continues to put into office the same-old-same-olds who got us at this dangerous impasse and answers “hate him” to the questions about the current president. What will wake them up at long last? Just looking at Kentucky and the spreading gap between the old guy and the new, smart, attractive young upstart makes you realize those voters are on the same wheel.

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