Friday, September 19, 2014

Chicken Hawks

Not that I’m in favor of going to war, but at least you would expect the Senate to take a vote on it when asked.  Via Greg Sargent:

Today, the Senate is expected to authorize the funding and arming of the Syrian rebels, and then leave town without holding any vote on the broader American escalation — a striking abdication of Congressional responsibility.

In other words, the only war vote we’re getting is on the narrow question of funding the Syrian rebels. Yet even here, that vote will be stuffed in with a vote on funding the government — there won’t be any stand-alone vote on the war piece.

And then they ran for the exits like someone popped the top on a can of Ebola.

So all those butch Republicans like Lindsay Graham were all gung-ho for full scale Armageddon war on ISIS as long as they’re not the ones who actually have to vote on it.

2 barks and woofs on “Chicken Hawks

  1. The Congress just got back from taking the month of August off. Now they are leaving until after the mid-term elections. They can’t be bothered with that voting and stuff. My goodness, they are exhausted! They worked for 3 whole weeks straight! Poor babies! Our Congress is a joke. They want to criticize Obama but that’s it. They are a useless body accomplishing nothing.

  2. McCain and Graham and the rest of the chickenhawk caucus may want a war; but what they really want is for BHO to do something big, butch and irreversible, so they can point and gripe all the way to 2017. Nothing POTUS can do – not commit armed forces, not hand the non-ISIL non-Alawite Syrians truckloads of arms, not hold meetings with Assad to remind him his 15 minutes are up – will satisfy them. They don’t want action so much as something specific they can criticize, although if they can do it while the bombs are dropping and people are getting killed that will be a bit more satisfying for them.

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