Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hot Times

Warm weather is not unusual for Southern California, but this is ridiculous.

Across Southern California, the unrelenting heat wave tested both emotions and the region’s power grid.

In northeast Los Angeles, students walked out of class when the air conditioning went out. Across town, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power reported that — as thousands went without power — one of its transfer stations caught fire under the strain of triple-digit temperatures.

And to the east and south, furnace-hot winds and a furious rainstorm added to the misery index.

The DWP said Monday’s energy demand record was shattered Tuesday, with electrical usage peaking at nearly 6,400 megawatts. Monday’s peak was about 6,200 megawatts.

Randy Howard, senior assistant general manager, said the utility has enough power supply to meet the high demand, but issues arise when it tries to deliver that energy to households.

Meanwhile, temperature records were broken across the region.

But we all know climate change is a hoax and Al Gore is fat, so there.

One bark on “Hot Times

  1. Sometimes I wish I could be here in 50 years to see what the world will be like then. Probably not acceptable for human or most animal life. We’ve really f*cked up our only home.

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