Friday, September 26, 2014

People Who Need People

A GOP advertising executive is launching a campaign to reassure America that Republicans not flesh-eating lizard people.

The site was created by Vinny Minchillo, an ad maker from Plano, Texas, who has also created a Facebook page and Twitter account for the campaign where he encourages his fellow Republicans to post photographs of themselves with signs displaying their supposedly un-Republican characteristics. Such photos, Minchillo hopes, will make it harder for people to demonize the GOP.


“People, I’m afraid, think that Republicans spend their days huddling over a boiling cauldron throwing in locks of Ronald Reagan’s hair. … We thought let’s get out there and show who Republicans really are: regular folks interested in making the world a better place.”

If you have to run ads telling the world that you’re not all a bunch of rich old white guys who hate gays, women, brown people, immigrants, and Muslims and that you actually have feelings, then your problem is bigger than something an ad campaign can solve.