Monday, September 15, 2014


I haven’t posted anything about the impending vote this week in Scotland on their independence because up until now I didn’t think it had much of a chance of passing.  It’s also because I have no strong feelings either way: if the Scots truly believe they’d be better off in every way as an independent nation, then let them go.  I also hope that they have considered all the consequences.

For instance, it would mean that Scotland would be out of the E.U. and NATO.  Perhaps that’s what the pro-independence people want; they believe they can be self-sufficient and have both the economic and military resources to fend for themselves.

I also think that in campaigning for independence, they might look towards history and see how it’s gone for other regions that have broken away from their former unions and tried it on their own.  If recent examples like South Sudan and Eritrea are any guide, it’s a rocky road.  Even former colonies that have struck out on their own with the blessing of their mother country have not always hit the ground running.

However they vote on Thursday, I wish them the best.

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  1. It’s telling (IYAM) that the once-notorious hotbed of anti-English sentiment (the Highlands) is polled most inclined to vote No. If the Highlanders are convinced that the UK is worth preserving, perhaps Glasgow and Edinburgh should take heed.

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