Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Danger of Foregone Conclusions

It’s only September before a mid-term election; the ads for this one are barely up and running, and already we’re getting inundated with speculation and prognostication about the election that’s coming up after this one.  And it’s all about just one candidate.

The reader may be surprised to learn that Clinton did not reveal her 2016 plans to a reporter on a ropeline. Nor to the other reporter who asked. Actually, it appeared as though Clinton was following the plan of every other 2016 candidate—pacing herself before the midterms, making a decision after them. It’s almost unheard of to announce a presidential run before the previous cycle’s midterms are over, and the only guy who’s broken that recently was Mike Gravel, who did not become the nominee.

So, how to interpret Joe Scarborough’s rant about Hillary and imperial frontrunners? Scarborough wonders (in September 2014) if Clinton is blowing it already, because in 2008 “it wasn’t against her back was against the wall that she had to stop acting like a robot on the campaign trail and start acting like herself that she started winning.” (Again, it’s September 2014.)

The Villagers and those who enable them have all decided that not only is Hillary Clinton running for president, she’s already won the primaries, delivered her acceptance speech, vetting a VP candidate within an inch of his life (my money is that it will be a Hispanic male), and is settling in to go over cabinet choices and Oval Office decor.  So with that over and nothing else to do for the next two and half years, they have to write something — anything — and they’ll find every nit to pick, debate wardrobe choices, hair styles, and glasses.  The more serious ones will chase every dead-end leak about Benghazi! and use up air on Fox wondering what she will do to keep Bill under control while she rules the world; have they tried Invisible Fence yet?

When Hillary Clinton says she hasn’t made up her mind to run yet, I take her at her word.  She’s either amused by all the cat-and-laser-pointer antics the press goes through every time she shows up at an event, knowing that once she announces one way or another, the waiting will be over and the attention level will drop off like the second season of Under The Dome.

I’ll give her this much: she knows how to tease it out, and Joe Scarborough’s rant just plays right into it; her press secretary should send him candy.  (Yes, she’s got me doing it, too.  Well played, Ms. Clinton.)  But then, it wouldn’t surprise me either if she wakes up some morning in February 2015 and decides “who needs this shit?”

HT to Anne Laurie.

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  1. How about you promising to keep this blog clean of anything Hillary for a few months? There are some of us who once were in her camp, particularly when the rest of the country was demeaning her and shaking a collective finger at Bill, but now I’m not even sure I’ll support her if she DOES run – although I’d never vote for a Republican – and I certainly am sick to ebola of all the speculation.

    • I’m a long time fan of Joe Biden. I love his gaffs, his passion for this country, his wonderful loyalty, his history of caring for his kids after their mother was killed in a car crash. I know, these aren’t qualifications alone to be President but as far as I can figure out Hillary stands for nothing but being President whatever it takes. She was a meh Secretary of State although busy at it and she did keep her silence if she disagreed with the program. But she hasn’t gotten over being beaten for the nomination in ’08 by that upstart with the black face and the big ears and dares not say so.

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