Saturday, October 4, 2014


Do not tell me a service call will be free and then hit me up for a $60 service charge.

I was getting sporadic drop-outs and freezes on my TV in my living room.  I called for a service appointment, and the last question I asked was would it cost me anything.  “Oh, no sir, since it seems to be our equipment, it will be free.”  Okay, so I set the appointment and the guy came out.  Of course by that time the TV was working fine.  He didn’t bother to do more than look at the back of the TiVo where the cable card is hooked up.  Then he went outside to see if everything was working outside.  Apparently it was okay as well, so he said it looks okay.  He left the card of his boss, we shook hands, and that was the end of it.

Or so I thought.  I got my cable bill today they have hit me for the service call.  I called Comcast to say WTF, and they said, “Oh, if we determine that it’s not our equipment, we hit you up for the call.”  I told them that no one told me that and if they had, I would not have scheduled the appointment.  I’m afraid I got loudly insistent with the customer service person and they agreed to meet me half-way and cut the service charge in half.

Comcast has the reputation for the worst customer service among internet service providers, which is like being the winner at a warthog competition.

I am now waiting for a supervisor to come on the line and tell me why I shouldn’t go to DirecTV or Uverse or just plain old TV.

Update: Persistence pays… as well as posting about the ordeal here and on Facebook and Twitter.  After an hour’s wait, a supervisor came on line and waived the whole fee.

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  1. Direct Tv is my provider and they are expensive in my book. They are trying to merge with maybe Comcast, when that happens, all the customers loose. The price goes up and the service goes dowm. I hear you MB.


  2. Sounds like our provider, Time Warner. They do have some good over-the-phone helpful people so you don’t have to get charged for a house call, but I’ve never had so many glitches in simply getting a picture or having the remote work. I was told by a Geek Squad guy that in his long experience no provider is as good as Buckeye in the Toledo area. But, sad to say, Buckeye has sold out to a strange entity. Can’t win.

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