Friday, October 3, 2014

4 barks and woofs on “Friday Catblogging

  1. I don’t see a can opener or any bottled water. Your city supply could be cut off, you know. And where is the TP, just in case you need to use a chamber pot? You need a supply of duct tape, too, or boards to cover up the big glass windows. Come on, get serious.

    • That’s just the food box. The water is in the garage, the biffy roll is in the biffy (where I will be holed up), and tell me how I’d get the boards in the box…

      • I visualize you in the tub, pillow under your head and your laptop on your lap as you write the daily blog. Do remember to remove your shoes – and the plug from the drain. Snow isn’t so bad after all.

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