Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gay Marriage Is The New Birth Control

You have to give Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott credit for coming up with a creative rationale for keeping the state’s ban on marriage equality in place: Gay marriage works as birth control for straight people.

Attorney General Greg Abbott says Texas’ same-sex marriage ban should remain in place because legalizing it would do little or nothing to encourage heterosexual couples to get married and have children.


Now we all know that same-sex couples cannot make babies the same way as opposite sex couples do, although a lot of them have figured out ways to have kids if they want them.  (By the way, a lot of same-sex couples want kids.)  But the idea that the gay couple next door is somehow discouraging John and Marcia from getting married and getting into the baby-making business is just silly.

His argument seems to be based on the theory that straight people get married for the purpose of doing nothing more than procreating, and procreating is good for the Texas economy and “the survival of the human race.”

That’s a hell of a burden to put on straight marriage: the world will end unless you get it on.  There are plenty of people producing plenty of children, and chances are the birthrate isn’t going to drop because two men or two women get married.  He also seems to think that banning marriage equality reduces out-of-wedlock births.  I’m not sure how he gets to that point unless he’s thinking that men have to make a choice between marrying their girlfriend or their hunting buddy.

I’ll give Mr. Abbott some credit for not coming up with the tired old canards about same-sex marriage destroying “traditional marriage,” but making it all about economics and procreation misses the point of what marriage equality is all about: people who want to be with the person they love should be allowed to be with the person they love regardless of the needs of the state or the human race.

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  1. Seems to me with the world hitting 7 billion and rising, we could use some birth control. But damn it, I don’t see how gay couples could achieve that, either. But then, MY head is screwed on left, not right perhaps?

  2. Of course, the nitwits who do the most procreating — folks like the Duggars and the Duck F**kers — are the exact same ones who should never, EVER reproduce. We already have enough toothless, inbred redneck morons as it is.

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