Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kids These Days

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R), now running for the Senate from New Hampshire, thought he’d show he was cool by mixing it up with some UNH frat boys at a tailgate party last weekend.  Hey, it’ll be fun, and what could possibly go wrong?

In video posted by the New Hampshire Democratic Party, as Brown walked through the sea of tailgaters, there were shouts of “F**k Jeanne Shaheen!” and “Elizabeth Warren sucks!” referring to the Democrat from Massachusetts who unseated Brown from his Senate seat in that state in 2012.

The language became even more graphic at points, with one man shouting “F**k her right in the p***y” (00:04 in the video above), although it wasn’t clear if he was referring to Shaheen or Warren. At 01:07 in the video, a man also appears to refer to Shaheen as a c**t….

Just good clean fun and outreach to the eager youth vote, and a great way to meet chicks, right?