Thursday, October 9, 2014

Never Got The Chance

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) is already providing the autopsy for his impending re-election loss.

“I think they so desperately want what’s happening in this state to fail that they’re shopping for a factual setting to back that up because it’s working,” Brownback said of his critics in an interview with CBN News’ The Brody File.

Brownback in recent months has found himself in serious trouble of not winning re-election due in large part to Kansas’s struggling economy and deep cuts to education. Critics have pointed specifically to the deep tax cut plan Brownback laid out two years ago and has since implemented. It’s helped create a rare opening for Democrats and now Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis (D) is leading in most polling of the gubernatorial race race.

Yes, do tell us how that darn liberal media cut taxes to the bone, slashed education funding, and lowered the state’s credit rating to that of the homeless guy outside the Circle K.  It’s not like Gov. Brownback didn’t have four years and a hand-picked legislature to whoop through all of his Tea Party wet-dream paths to prosperity and freedom.

One bark on “Never Got The Chance

  1. Arizona will soon be in the same economic boat – the state cut education funding, and gave tax cuts to business (which don’t really kick in hard until 2015), and now the Sate Supreme Court has ruled the education cuts have to be restored. The projected budget shortfall for the first year is over 500 million, with an over 1 billion deficit projected for FY2016. Too bad the actors who set up this mess won’t be held accountable for it – the ones coming into office will have to clean up this mess, and face the wrath of the voters for the painful choices.

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