Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random Thought

More people died in the school shooting near Seattle yesterday than have died from Ebola in the United States this year.

Where’s the gun-violence czar?

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  1. Well Obama hasn’t appointed one because… ummm… oh yeah, because guns don’t cause violence, Obama causes violence. Or something. Also/too: freedom.

    The Rethugs will NEVER go for a “gun violence”czar because their NRA overlords won’t allow it. That’s the reason they’re holding up Dr. Murthy’s appointment as Surgeon General: he’s an “anti-gun activist” instead of a health professional, according to physician/surgeon/dentist/podiatrist Dr. Rafael Eduardo Hijo de Puta Cruz, immigration-hating immigrant and Canadian-born anchor baby spawn of cigar-sucking Cuban émigré, Castro supporter and Desi Arnaz wannabe Rafael Bienvenido Chinga tu Madre Cruz.

  2. Gail Collins a must-read today. Two years after Sandy Hook we still don’t have a law requiring back-ground checks to sort out the mentally ill or the criminals and stop them from buying guns. The entire population of the country including gun owners favors this tiny correction in our lax gun laws but the NRA which represents not the gun sellers, not the buyers won’t even let it come to a vote.

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