Monday, November 10, 2014

A Little Night Music

Take a look at the car in the video, Bob.

One bark on “A Little Night Music

  1. I spent many happy hours in a ’61 Austin Healey MkIII learning to go fast and working on it a lot. It belonged to a high school friend who didn’t believe in maintenance. The Healey paid him back in various interesting ways: a wheel fell off a knockoff axle and nailed a nice ladies’s Chevy; the Lucas electric fuel pump quit at random times, necessitating the use of a large screwdriver banging at highway speeds to make the pump’s points open and close, usually in a downpour.. The Laycock DeNormanville overdrive never worked more than a week at a time. These were nearly all electric problems; Lord Lucas was known as “The Prince of Darkness”. The three-litre straight six motor would run on one cylinder very nicely (don’t ask). The beautiful E-Jags were worse if anything. We didn’t care. we were “sports car fiends”! Now we collect ’60’s British sportscars and drive Miatas.

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