Thursday, November 20, 2014

Justo A Tiempo

Not one of the big four broadcast networks are carrying President Obama’s prime time immigration speech tonight.  The prime time revenue is too important to them, I guess.

But there is one network that will be all over it, and the speech is timed to reach a huge audience.

Shortly after President Obama scheduled his Thursday primetime address to announce new executive actions on immigration, his top White House communications advisor, Dan Pfeiffer, took to Twitter to boast. “Great timing,” he wrote, noting a rather glaring non-coincidence.

As it turned out, Obama had arranged to start speaking at the very moment Univision, America’s largest Spanish-language television network, planned to begin broadcasting the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards, one of the network’s biggest shows of the year, with a 2014 viewership of nearly 10 million.

Indeed, Univision promptly announced that it would delay the start of the live event to take Obama’s remarks, in translation, ensuring the President a massive platform in the most crucial political demographic, even as many of the English-language networks said they would skip the address. The chances are high that the leading lights of Latin pop music will follow up his words tonight with on-stage celebrations of the President’s actions.

The White House, not to mention its Republican rivals, long ago learned the power of a network most American cannot even understand.

My Spanish is mostly New Mexico Spanglish, but I understand it.  This is the audience the president really wants to reach, and it’s the audience that his executive orders will benefit the most from.  So let them show “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Bones,” and “The Biggest Loser.”  Nosotros nos recordaremos.