Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No True Bill

Via TPM:

5 barks and woofs on “No True Bill

  1. Actually the Attorney General’s people also saw all the evidence, and both the local and the feds did follow the evidence. I wasn’t there, I didn’t see what happened, but the comments on the “social media” had more witness than you can shake a stick at.

    And a bunch of the first witness outright lied in their first statements to the police. Even after three autopsy’s, by 3 different ME’s, some still claim he was shot in the back.

    If what that District Attorney hadn’t told the truth in his statements, I would think the AG would have said something. So it does seem the Attorney General of the US even agrees with the decision.

    Yes, it’s a shame a person was killed, but from all accounts, he wasn’t acting like a nice young upstanding person, was he?

  2. Allen (comment above) is right: some people had said they saw Michael Brown get shot in the back but the autopsy concluded otherwise, therefore Michael Brown deserved to be shot- not once, not twice, but as many shots as needed to kill him- including not one but two shots to the head. It seems the police (at least when it comes to young black men) have only one tool of containment in their bag of skills- empty your gun and kill ’em in the streets. If the rule of law now is that the police have license to kill everyone who isn’t “acting like a nice young man”, then things are going to get mighty lonely in this country very soon.

    • If, and I have to say IF, the AG agrees with this verdict, which he did, then it doesn’t matter if it was one shot, or a dozen shots. The cops statement, apparently backed up by the physical evidence, and which the AG agreed with again, shows this 6’4″ 294 lb young man DID assault the cop. And again, since the AG did agree with the physical evidence, that Brown did charge at the cop. And very few cops are real accurate in shooting when involved in a life and death instance.

      But no matter what, burning and looting does not make the black community look very good. I have nothing against PEACEFUL demonstrations, but burning and looting is not the answer to solve anything. Except get more people mad at you and your community.

  3. I am not surprised at the decision. Racism is still a sad fact of life in this country. I think Mr. Wilson certainly did not like Mr. Brown challenging him but he did not have the right to take his life. Police are police and not judge and jury. The police scare me and I am a little white lady.

  4. Still need to understand the justification of the use of deadly force. Have yet to hear a good reason to use a gun, when even a nightstick would do. But I wasn’t there, so…

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