Thursday, November 6, 2014

Not Every Democrat Lost

Via digby, here’s a little bit of news that might cheer you up at least until the first e-mail from the DCCC arrives begging for money for the next campaign:

One trend that was interesting last night is that clear, strong progressives like Jeff Merkley (OR), Tom Udall (NM), Brian Schatz (HI) and Al Franken (MN)– who had massive right-wing money thrown at them– won, while conservative Democrats like Mark Warner, Mary Landrieu and Kay Hagan stumbled and the most conservative Democrat of all, Mark Pryor, lost badly. In the House, conservative Democrats– Blue Dogs and New Dems– lost everywhere, even in Democratic districts. Almost all of Israel’s Red-to-Blue recruits lost, as did many of his Frontline incumbents.

Democrats who ran as Democrat won, and won big.  So the lesson is not only did the ones who were wishy-washy about their party lose or have really close races, they might have won or done better if they had energized their base as much as the Tea Partiers did.

Every time the GOP or Karl Rove ran an ad, complete with scary music and deep voices saying “Joe Garcia (or whoever) supported Obamacare,”  the Democrats should have come back with “You bet your ass he supported Obamacare; it’s working and people are paying less for their insurance, too.  Not to mention the unemployment numbers are down, the deficit has been cut in half, the stock market is through the roof, and gas is under three bucks a gallon.  So if you want to tie me to Barack Obama, go right ahead.”

Give the Democrats some red meat, they’ll show up.  They’re not all a bunch of tree-hugging tofu-and-granola eating DFH’s.

Of course, Jon Stewart was all over it.

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