Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22

This date will always have an ominous echo for people of a certain age.

Where were you when you heard the news flash from Dallas?

8 barks and woofs on “November 22

  1. I was sitting in my 11 grade English class when the science teacher, Mr. Schermerhorn, opened the door and said, “It’s true.” Mr. Byrnes then told us the President Kennedy had been shot and was dead. School was dismissed shortly after that.

  2. English class, North High School. I feel redundant by the previous post. We were told by a radio feed over the PA system.

  3. Senior year high school. The principal had the news on the PA system. I remember the instant shock and grief. Decades passed before I could hear Kennedy’s voice and not feel that same grief.

  4. I was teaching a seventh grade math class in my first year of teaching at a junior high in deep east Texas. It was third period and the principal came on the PA and announced that the President had been shot in Dallas. His condition was not known. The reaction of the students in this all-white, working class school has haunted me since that moment. At the announcement most of the 35 thirteen-year old kids jumped out of their chairs and cheered loudly. Not much has changed in Texas even now I suspect. Students carry their parents’ opinions with them that they learn at the dinner table every night.

  5. I was seven years old and in elementary school. I wasn’t really clear on who a president was or what he did, but I was still so upset that I went and hid in a corner of the playground. One of the playground monitors had to come and coax me out.

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