Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quiet in Miami

Miami, which knows a thing or two about the tense relationship between African Americans and law enforcement, had a quiet night after the news from Ferguson.  Via Michael E. Miller at Miami New Times:

A grand jury’s decision not to indict the cop who three months ago killed unarmed teenager Mike Brown sparked protests across the country last night.

Ferguson, Missouri is still smoldering this morning after looting, teargas, arson, armored vehicles, and gunshots turned the St. Louis suburb into something resembling a war zone. Despite demonstrations in other major American cities, Miami remained calm, however.

“No, nothing,” said a Miami Police sergeant reached at 1 a.m. “It’s actually been very quiet.”

Miami-Dade Police indicated that they also had no reports of riots or protests.

“I haven’t called out any PIOs in the last few hours,” said a MDPD officer. “That should tell you something.”

Perhaps anger has given way to resignation.