Thursday, November 20, 2014

Remember Ebola? Part 2

Following up on this post, coverage of Ebola has indeed gone away.

Between October 7 and November 3, the four weeks before the midterm elections, evening broadcast and cable news collectively aired 975 segments on the Ebola virus. CNN focused on Ebola-related coverage the most, with 335 total segments before the elections. Fox News followed with 281 segments, and MSNBC aired 222. CBS led the broadcast networks with 54 segments. NBC followed with 44, and ABC aired 39 segments.


In the two weeks following the elections, evening broadcast and cable news have only aired 49 total segments related to Ebola. CNN’s 335 segments in the four weeks preceding the election dropped to just 10 segments in the two weeks after the elections. Fox News’ 281 segments dropped to 10. MSNBC’s 222 segments dropped to 13. CBS’ 54 segments dropped to six, NBC’s 44 segments dropped to five, and ABC’s 39 segments dropped to four.

Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine against exploitation.

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    • BBC and Al-Jazeera are both concerned with global news. CNN and (especially) Fauxnews operate under the philosophy that there’s Ahmurrca (in which everything is newsworthy) and there’s everywhere else – and in the latter only wars, bombings, floods, plane crashes and the killing of Xtians or Ahmurrcans are worthy of coverage.

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