Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Remember Ebola?

It seems like only a month ago that the entire nation was freaking out about Ebola; schools were shutting down because a teacher had visited Tanzania, which is as far from the countries in Africa that actually had the disease as Seattle is from Miami, and enterprising grifters were selling Ebola emergency kits on the internet.

Then this happened.

After 19 days of treatment, Dr. Craig Spencer no longer has the Ebola virus and will be discharged from the hospital Tuesday, according to The New York Times. The number of Ebola cases in the United States now stands at zero.

Ebola is still sickening and killing people in Sierra Leone and Liberia, but the aid the U.S. has sent and will be sending is controlling it.  But it was never a serious threat here.  You wouldn’t know that from the banshee-inspired coverage on cable news in search of ratings and Republicans in search of something else to blame on President Obama.

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  1. Comment on FB the other day, from a physician: he was asked by a patient if he had an Ebola vaccine, told the patient no but he did have one for the flu, and was told “Well, we don’t believe in that.”

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