Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One bark on “A Little Night Music

  1. great choice for ALNM. It’s clear that in many respects little has changed in this country since it’s founding, regarding race. It’s still a social system- and economic and political- for wealthy white men. People of color have always been tolerated only as long as they understood what their caste in society was. Once they get presumptuous (uppity) they need to be swatted down. I feel President Obama’s election has awoken the sleeping monster of intense racial hatred that has always existed in this country. We’ve been okay as long as blacks have served as athletic, musical, comical, or performing successes. But when they try to engage as equal participants in domestic life, heads explode and the ghosts of the confederate supporters surface, no longer able to contain their rage. Violence ensues. We who had the good fortune to be born white can only imagine the conditions blacks have had to endure ever since they had the nerve to refuse to be our slaves.

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