Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Again and Again

I never know what to say when something like this happens.

It doesn’t matter if it is in Pakistan or in Connecticut; if it is in the name of religion or tribalism, or if it is just in answer to the voices in the head of someone who is desperately ill.

Because we don’t know what to say, we search blindly for answers or we lash out and vow revenge.  But more often than not there are no answers and vengeance does not renew or restore.  So we just go on, putting it out of our mind until it happens again.  And again.

2 barks and woofs on “Again and Again

    • In Pakistan, it’s a tragedy, and inflicted on innocents by The Terrrrists. In the US, it’s just one of those things that happens because Second Amendment – and arming teachers would somehow solve the problem because [good guy with gun] > [bad guy with gun].

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