Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Holidays

In the spirit of loving goodness and holiday cheer, a preacher in Arizona has come up with the way to have a merry Christmas:

Moved by the Christmas spirit, [Faithful Word Baptist Church Pastor Steven] Anderson laid out his final solution for all those homos spreading the AIDS — execute them all, preferably before the day Christians celebrate the birth of that blessed little baby, Hallelujah!

Pastor Anderson has also prayed for the death of President Obama, took on women speaking in church, and went after the Jewish people for killing Christ.

To quote the immortal Molly Ivins, it sounded better in the original German.  Arbeit macht frei and all that.

HT to Steve Bates.

2 barks and woofs on “Happy Holidays

  1. Talk about harking back to the ‘old days’ — back when everyone hetero and white was ready to comfortably assume that only those gay guys died of AIDS. What a malicious, malevolent asshole that guy is — yeah, the original German version actually falls a tiny bit short of this level of hate, I think.

  2. I’m familiar with this guy from other posts I’ve seen on other web sites. He’s part of a denomination that makes Southern Baptists seem like liberals. Independent Fundamental Baptists. You know they’re really fundamentalist when it’s in their name! No idea how big his congregation is. I think he’s trying to take over the mantle of the late, unlamented Fred Phelps.

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