Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jeb the Explorer

Via TPM:

Bush, in a Facebook note, said that after conversations with his wife he had decided to look into running for president. He also said that in January he will start a leadership political action committee to help look into running for president.

What does “actively explore” even mean?  As opposed to “passively”?  Or just waiting for it to happen?

Steve M looks at the field and the positions that Mr. Bush has taken on immigration and education; positions that run counter to the blatherings of the hard-core base of the party.  Good luck with that.

3 barks and woofs on “Jeb the Explorer

  1. “Actively explore” means looking for $$.

    I saw some poll results that matched Hillary with every possible Rep. contender. She won all match-ups.

  2. Yep. He’s going to publish all 250,000 emails to and from him during his two terms as governor of Florida. And his record of being anti-gay and opposed to a woman’s right to choose should help him pull in people like Phyllis Schlafley. He was also helpful to the family of Terry Schiavo who wanted to keep her plugged in despite her husband’s wishes to set her free to die peacefully. He should have a bunch of kooks voting for him. What’s to prevent him from throwing his hat into the wringer?

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