Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Open To Suggestions

It’s the time of year when blogs and magazines and cable shows start putting together lists of The Best of [Year]: best movie, best book, best TV show, best whatever.  I haven’t really paid attention to them because I don’t particularly go in for the competitive trip, but there is one exception: The Jon Swift Memorial Roundup.

These are blog posts chosen by the bloggers themselves to represent their own work, not choosing someone else’s over another.  It’s not a competition.

It was started by the late Al Weisel, who blogged under the name Jon Swift.  He wrote some wonderful satire but also promoted small blogs, just like this one.

My job is to chose the one I think is not only the best of my work but one that represents essentially what Bark Bark Woof Woof is all about.  (Yeah, I know; eleven years into this and I’m not really sure myself.)

I have a couple in mind, but if you, Dear Reader, have any that you think might serve that purpose, please feel free to offer your suggestion(s).

The deadline is “before Christmas.”


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