Thursday, December 18, 2014

Question of the Day

From Julie (that she says she cribbed from another site):

The CIA used music to torture people. What music would you consider torture?

I listen to classical music all day, and I’ve grown to dislike music from the baroque era with screechy violins.  If they are playing instruments with catgut strings, it sounds as if the cats were still attached to them.  It sets my teeth on edge.

7 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. What ever is in those boxes in the trunks of cars with a big bass. I have been in a running battle with the renters next door since last May. They turn this thing up so loud, it almost makes my heart stop. Also, I am not a fan of C and W. I grew up in Ohio and had to listen to The Midwestern Hayride in the 50’s. That was such a waste of air time.

  2. Oh, how true,Mike! We went to a wedding where the featured band consisted of four enormous boom boxes that blasted tapes of noise. One couldn’t distinguish what was being played because the reverberations on the floor of the little clubhouse shook the walls and windows.

    But my answer to what would drive me nuts enough to confess anything would be any composition by John Cage.

  3. While there’s no accounting for taste, I find a little Vincent Persichetti goes a long way. Definitely use in my trifectas;
    99 Bottles of Beer, only a distant 2nd. My #1 pick:

    The Miami Dullfin Plight Song.

  4. Country, especially either a) Bakersfield (Buck Owens) or b) modern bro-country (Florida Georgia Line). Played forward, of course.

    Unlike Mike, I can handle rap/hip-hop, though I don’t listen to it by choice. It’s in the same sphere for me as punk, where there’s a strong social message and the music is designed to antagonize. It may be loud, but the title for loudest acts has been held by white rockers for a long time (The Who, Guns’n’Roses, and Tangerine Dream have all registered louder [TD incidentally held the title of loudest band at the same time The Who held the one for loudest vocal band]).

    • You mean Jazz by Bartok, as I call it? It at least has the advantage of looking interesting on the page, which takes the torture element down quite a bit.

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