Friday, December 19, 2014

The Dignity of the Office

The House of Representatives takes on a frat house flavor:

Congresssman Who Owns “” Sued For Sexual Harrassment

On its own, last week’s news that Republican Texas Representative Blake Farenthold registered the domain name “” when he owned a computer consulting business in the ’90s is amusing, but inconsequential. However, add that to a new lawsuit accusing the congressman of sexual harassment (plus an old photo of Farenthold wearing duckie pajamas and standing next to a lingerie model) and you’ve got one of the more colorful accusations of congressional misconduct in recent memory.

In court documents filed Monday, Lauren Greene, Farenthold’s former communications director, claims that he regularly made comments meant to “gauge whether Plaintiff was interested in a sexual relationship.” She says she was cut out of important meetings after she complained, and was then fired in July 2014.

I wondered who was going to fill the void now that Michelle Bachmann has left town.

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