Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top Ten

The Washington Post has the list of the ten worst things the C.I.A. did in our name.

1. Of the 119 CIA detainees, 26 should not have been apprehended.

2. President Bush received his first briefing on enhanced interrogation techniques in 2006, about four years after the program started.

3. The CIA used rectal feeding and rectal rehydration on at least five detainees.

4. CIA interrogators threatened to harm the family members of at least three detainees.

5. The CIA apprehended two foreigners working for a “partner government” allied with the agency.

6. Abu Zubaida, the CIA’s first detainee, spent 266 hours in a coffin-size confinement box.

7. When Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who was waterboarded 183 times, tried to breathe during the procedure, interrogators held his lips and poured water over his mouth.

8. The Senate committee found a photo of what looked like a well-used waterboarding station at a site where there was no reported use of the technique. The CIA could not explain the presence of the waterboard.

9. Of the at least 26 detainees who were wrongfully held, one was “intellectually challenged.”

10. CIA officers would “strip a detainee naked, shackle him in the standing position for up to 72 hours, and douse [him] repeatedly with cold water.”

Read them and weep.

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  1. John Rizzo was on Diane Rehm this morning, whining that he hadn’t been interviewed for the investigation and that everything the CIA did was somehow effective. It was spectacularly pitiful/infuriating to hear a grown man throw a temper tantrum because nobody talked to him about [blatantly immoral and illegal] stuff that generated [questionable at best and demonstrably wrong all too often] intelligence the agency used to pursue additional victims terrorists.

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