Monday, January 12, 2015

All Aboard

So Marco Rubio has his family’s permission to run for president.  But only after he cleans his room and does his homework.

At my last count we have Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Scott Walker and Mitt Romney all in the running or at the very least talking about it.  Those are the credible ones; there’s also Ben Carson and several others from the hard-right side who are making noise. Hey, where’s John Bolton and Pat Buchanan?

Have I left anyone out?

4 barks and woofs on “All Aboard

  1. 2016 is certainly shaping up to be (at least for the GOTea) the sElection of the Endangered Great White Male.

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