Friday, January 9, 2015

Easy Street

Oh, how rich:

There is little empathy at the top.

Most of America’s richest think poor people have it easy in this country, according to a new report released by the Pew Research Center. The center surveyed a nationally representative group of people this past fall, and found that the majority of the country’s most financially secure citizens (54 percent at the very top, and 57 percent just below) believe the “poor have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return.” America’s least financially secure, meanwhile, vehemently disagree — nearly 70 percent say the poor have hard lives because the benefits “don’t go far enough.” Nationally, the population is almost evenly split.

Why the surprising lack of compassion? It’s hard to say. At the very top, the sentiment is likely tied to conservatism, which traditionally bemoans government programs that redistribute wealth, calling them safety nets. Some 40 percent of the financially secure are politically conservative, according to Pew. And conservatives are even more likely to say the “poor have it easy” than the rich — a recent Pew survey found that more than three quarters of conservatives feel that way.

More broadly, the prevalence of the view might reflect an inability to understand the plight of those who have no choice but to seek help from the government. A quarter of the country, after all, feels that the leading reason for inequality in America is that the poor don’t work hard enough.

Madame Defarge, stick to your knitting.

One bark on “Easy Street

  1. “Most of America’s richest think…”

    Where’s the surprise? Most of America’s richest need to be bent over the knees of the nearest of America’s poorest and paddled ’til their patootie pains them.

    As I’ve often blogged: there is no constitutional right to be rich, but there is a human right to a decent living. Tax the mofo’s the way they were in, say, Eisenhower’s day, and use the proceeds to make sure everyone has a job… it worked then; it would work now.

    – Steve the Unreconstructed Liberal

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