Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gas Price Survey

This little sign is now delightful rather than painful.

Gas PricesThe average price for regular across the country is below $2.20 a gallon and there are a lot of places where it’s below $2.

I paid $2.25 at the Marathon on the corner of SW 168th Street and US 1 in Palmetto Bay, Florida, yesterday morning.  As I drove into town, though the prices went up; the next big intersection it was $2.49, and the highest prices I saw were at a Shell station across from the University of Miami where regular was $2.69.

What are you paying in your town?

8 barks and woofs on “Gas Price Survey

  1. We went to Port Isabel Sunday and Russ filled up on the way out of town at Murphy’s; gads it was a $1.98!

    • Well, just an update; I went to the grocery yesterday morning and gas was $1.98 and when I came out about 45 mins. later, gas was $1.96. Go figure.

  2. $2.37 a week ago at Costco for premium: I think regular was $2.14. Prices are still dropping – everywhere but The District (I saw a station there a week or so ago still charging $4.65). I sometimes think that spending so much time in Washington is part of the problem with Congress: conditions are very different here, and gas is just one example.

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