Tuesday, January 13, 2015

He’s Serious This Time

I guess Mitt Romney really is going for it.

…Romney has said he is intent on running to the right of Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor who also is working aggressively to court donors and other party establishment figures for a 2016 bid. Romney has signaled to conservatives that, should he enter the race, he shares their views on immigration and on taxes — and that he will not run from party orthodoxy.

In previous iterations, he’s been the progressive pro-choice live-and-let-live Republican governor of Massachusetts, the smart businessman alternative to John McCain, and the whirling dervish for tall trees and the 47% in 2012.  Now he’s going for the red meat right-wing nutsery because that’s the way the wind blows.  He’ll be Ted Cruz with the car elevator this time around.

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