Thursday, January 22, 2015

Might As Well Say It

Yesterday I wondered which right-wing pundit would get as close as possible to calling President Obama’s SOTU style “uppity.”  David Brooks, musing about the respect the president should get from Congress, wins.

I frankly think he hasn’t earned that. I think you’ve got to earn that with your conduct and he hasn’t been as bipartisan as I think he should have been. Not that the Republicans have either. They’ve probably been worse, but you know, you’ve got to earn it.

Nice little pirouette there with the “both sides do it,” but when he says the president has to “earn it,” I’ve got two national elections and six years of putting up with the bullying and trash-talk from the Speaker of the House down to the little pipsqueak freshmen from Teabagistan that say not only has he earned it, he should be eating their lunch and keying their cars.

3 barks and woofs on “Might As Well Say It

  1. This president has earned it. He got us out of a terrible mess and has conducted himself with honor. I wish he could have accomplished more but he has had powerful forces against him. I am certainly not sorry I voted for him!

  2. I really feel for any children Brooks might have: by that logic, if they stand up to the class bully, they have to merit the standing to say enough is enough or they deserve whatever pummeling they get. I’m half expecting Brooks, should he ever interview BHO in the next two years, to inquire how his retirement in Mombasa will be spent.


  3. He earned it by winning 2 damned elections (the 1st prez since Ike to win with 51% or more) and accomplishing stuff despite the opposition’s explicitly stated–and demonstrated–refusal to cooperate. Brooks can bite my shiny metal ass.

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