Friday, January 30, 2015

Nice Try

The American Family Association is now trying to put as much distance as they can from their freshly-fired paid spokesperson Bryan Fischer and all the garbage that he spewed out over the American landscape.  They put out a long list of his rants about gays, Native Americans, Muslims, and the so forth and told the world not to associate his claims with AFA.

To quote JMG: “FUCK THAT.”

Mr. Fischer still has his daily radio show, he is still paid by the AFA, and, as the Southern Poverty Law Center says, as long as the AFA keeps doing that without renouncing Mr. Fischer and his bilge, no dice.  He’s all yours and will be forever and ever, amen.

One bark on “Nice Try

  1. Wonder if he’ll accompany the Republicans, including the chair of the party, who are going on an all expenses paid trip to Israel on the AFA’s dime.

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