Monday, January 12, 2015

Over One Million Served

According to StatCounter, the application that keeps track of such things, sometime on last Saturday Bark Bark Woof Woof passed one million page views since I started using that particular application.

Yip yah.

Actually it doesn’t really mean a lot in terms of record-keeping since I’ve been through several trackers and they’ve all been reset when I started using them, and I started using StatCounter in 2008, five years after I launched this thing.  So who knows how many people have stopped by.

Also, according to those in the know, page visits doesn’t really mean a heck of a lot.  It could be someone passing by or who Googled “barkbark” and came here looking for some way to keep their dog quiet.  And in the larger scheme of things, a website getting a million hits in the span of a little over eleven years ain’t a lot.  I suspect the big dogs get a million or more a year.

But I like to think it’s the quality, not the quantity, and the quality of my readership — we few, we happy few — makes up for the perceived lack of attention.  I’ve been seen by some impressive people and gotten very nice compliments from them on the work I do.  That means more than volume.

So we’ll celebrate the next million in 2026.  Stick around for that.

7 barks and woofs on “Over One Million Served

  1. Congrats. But if the trend is anything like upward, you’ll hit the next million in 2020, not 2026 (probably mid-2018 assuming some growth).

  2. How proud I am. What dedication! Day after day at the same old spot where you greet us every morning before dawn. You’ll hit the next million in just another two or three years, I have no doubt.

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