Friday, January 23, 2015

11 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. Than having gout; taking my lover for yet another scan; having grand kids ask about my childhood; do I need help out with the groceries to the car; etc. You know when you’ve almost completely stopped slowing down. Chuckle, chuckle!

  2. I always told people I’d know I was old when the Rolling Stones was played on muzak.

    I’ve been old for a while now.

      • Oh I know, boat boy. Nirvana, too. It’s just that’s what I said back when I was a teen enjoying Montovani’s 1000 Strings everywhere.

  3. Getting blank stares when I mention that some modern musician is taking after someone somewhat older (Lady Gaga channeling Madonna and Dale Bozzio, for example – and yes, MB, I know you’re still scratching your head because all of them are “new” to you).

    My favorite “I’m getting old” tale: once not so very long ago, while browsing the stacks at Tower Records, I overheard two kids who were surfing through the Bs and had discovered the White Album there: [Kid 1] ‘What’s this?’ [Kid 2] ‘Oh, that’s the band Paul McCartney was with before he was with Wings.'”

  4. One of my grandsons was telling me last week that he wanted to go to Cuba now that things were cooling down because he wanted to see where his family came from. When I offered to go with him, I expected something about how I hadn’t been there in almost 60 years and probably would not remember the city. His answer was very quick: But can do you all the walking?

  5. We didn’t have kids but we have a fine crop of excellent nieces and nephews. I attended all of their christenings and now they are all married and most have kids of their own. I have been in this family for forty-two years! I better go sit down….on my motorcycle and take a ride to the mountains. That’s better.

  6. Whenever I go to a group on Facebook for the personnel who were stationed at my first military assignment. The pictures posted show us at age 18-23 or so, but the discussions don’t match the faces. I just can’t match up those young faces as being the same ones talking about grandchildren, medical issues, and such – sometimes the discussions will be about stuff we did while there (West Germany/Europe in the early 80’s), but more and more it is about ‘old folk’ talk, and the pictures just don’t jibe with the subjects. Slowest time traveler there is – getting older at one minute per minute.

  7. Having a daughter who signed up for Medicare last year and having retirees for sons would make anyone feel old. But I’m STILL HERE!

  8. Yeah, being older than the President disturbs me too. Hearing a couple of young guys talking about Viet Nam as being very ancient history made me cringe. Also, teen-agers seeing my stereo record/tape player and vinyl LPs and 45s and laughing (dumb brats!). The worst was a young neighbor woman who, upon seeing pics from my childhood, said, “Oh, I love old photos!”. That was kinda rude.

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