Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rite of No Passage

Tonight’s the annual ritual of the president coming to the Capitol to deliver the annual address.  It’s a big production number, and we all pretty much know how it goes: the president will make a few self-deprecating jokes, he’ll point out a guest in the audience, and then he’ll propose a list of ideas and policies that will get polite applause, and then we’ll all go watch the talking heads until the Republican rebuttal comes along.

Nothing will happen with the president’s plans, by the way, especially with this Congress.  They decided six years ago today that they wouldn’t do anything that President Obama asked for and that’s not going to change now that the Republicans are in the majority.

So why does he bother to ask for higher taxes on the rich, tax cuts for the middle class, infrastructure repair, and other dream ticket items for the Democrats?  He knows none of them will pass.  And doesn’t he know that even if the GOP agreed with some of the items — who can argue with free college? — they wouldn’t touch them because they’re proposed by That Man.

I think there are two reasons why President Obama is going to come out with a big list of to-do’s for the Congress that won’t go anywhere.  It will show the audience — the ones not in the chamber — that he’s still got game and ideas, and he’s not about to give up, and that he’s not going to sign whatever cockamamie stuff the Republicans have cooked up.  Oh, the president may talk nice about working with the Republicans, but they won’t work with him and so there you have it.  We’re back to the way it’s been for six years as of today.

Enjoy the show.

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    • I watched two minutes of Joanie. When she got to the “I only had one good pair of shoes” part, I turned off the TV, turned on the stereo, and departed the room.

  1. Due to the make up of both Houses of Congress and this being the beginning of the end of his second term, the President is free to Troll ’em. He knows his agenda isn’t going to be implemented (unlike when he was first elected, and expected some good will from the other side), and can make them look even more beholden to the corporations and banks and even less interested in the plight of the ordinary citizen. I expect him to keep his cool demeanor, and just troll the heck out of the republican party. It will be like an extended SNL skit (from the good years) as we watch the Presidential contenders on the (R) side suck face with their Tea Party base, while the President and (I hope) many on the (D) side harp on the populist themes which would do good for a Presidential candidate Grayson, Warren, or even Clinton. Get the popcorn ready!

  2. The general take on the speech which has already been distributed both via the conventional media and online, by the way, is that it’s a list for the Democrats’ Presidential campaign next year. Democrats have been spending floor time and air time talking about the awfulness of the Repugnants and not enough time showing what they’re for, for concrete proposals and a vision. Seems smart and forward-looking to me.

  3. I think that many people in this country need a lesson in civics and on the unintended consequences of electing morons.

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