Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tantrum Time

Aw, poor babies:

In the Capitol after the speech, Republicans expressed displeasure at being jabbed by the president in the same speech where he asked for their cooperation.

“Probably not helpful when you rub the other guy’s nose in the dirt a little bit,” Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), a close ally of Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), told reporters.

“Look, he’s allowed to take a victory lap but he ought to be thinking about what works — what’s gonna help me actually put points on the board,” Cole said. “How are you going to define your legacy in the last two years. Is this all about a third Obama term by winning the presidency? Then that would suggest you just want confrontation and the ability for your nominee to attack a ‘do nothing right wing Congress.'”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called Obama’s jab — and overall speech — “disappointing,” pointing to the Democrats’ crushing defeat in the November congressional elections.

“If the president sticks to the tone that he chose tonight — if he sticks to anger and defiance towards the American voters, then perhaps he will veto bill after bill after bill after bill,” Cruz told a scrum of reporters. “But if he chooses to embrace and revel in gridlock and obstructionism that will be an unfortunate choice and I hope he reconsiders.”

These are the same folks who thought it was appropriate for one of them to yell “You lie!” at President Obama during an address to Congress, and now they’re miffed?  Oh, really?

I suspect this is exactly the reaction the president wanted.

5 barks and woofs on “Tantrum Time

  1. Same yahoos who decided before he even started his first day in office to work to make him a one term President. He held an olive branch out to them at the beginning of this first term, and they set fire to it. Their brilliant plan worked out so well, that six years later he trolls ’em about it and they clutch their pearls and swear that that is not how one acts around these parts. If fainting couches and smelling salts ever go out of style, it will only be because the Republican’t party has gone the way of the dodo.

  2. Every Republican Senator and Representative speaks of The People who elected them overwhelmingly last November. Those People were some 30% of the registered voters. I don’t think that’s a mandate even if you wish it so.

    • Well, there are places on the internet where they can look for a man date, but yeah, the voting booth ain’t where they’d get it…

  3. “Probably not helpful when you rub the other guy’s nose in the dirt a little bit,” Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), a close ally of Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), told reporters.

    Especially after the genteel greeting BHO received from the GOTea Congress in 2009, where his birth date/place was questioned, his loyalties disputed, his familiarity with the Constitution and US law was outright refuted and his general humanity diminished by that august body. “Rub[bing] the other guy’s nose in the dirt” is so inappropriate and over the top after all of that.


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