Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Under the Hood

If this guy gets his way, this bit of clothing would be illegal in Tulsa.


The existing law, enacted in the 20s, bans the wearing of hoods while committing crimes, television station KFOR reported on Friday. However, a new proposal would reportedly extend that ban to include any hoods or facial disguise worn in public, punishable with a $500 fine.

Oklahoma state Sen. Don Barrington (R) wrote the amendment and, according to KFOR, sought to help victims of robberies.

Why, yes, I am sure that their first thought was to keep the Klan from walking down the street carrying a bag of Skittles.

(You can buy a BBWW hoodie here.)

3 barks and woofs on “Under the Hood

  1. Yeah, banning hoodies will keep the criminals at home. Somebody needs to get acquainted with the concept of logic.

  2. Such nonsense! I am wearing a hoodie right now in Southern Ohio because “Baby it is cold outside.” I think it is 12 degrees right now. I wear them when I garden, hike, and so on.

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