Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome, Snowbirds

They’re already on their way; in fact some have been here in South Florida for a couple of weeks: the annual migration of visitors from the north who boost our economy and up the chances of seeing license plates from Ohio, Michigan, New York, and Tennessee from occasional to routine.

I’ve lived in Florida for a total of nearly twenty years, and the only people I’ve ever heard complain with any degree of rancor about the influx of snowbirds are other snowbirds.

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One bark on “Welcome, Snowbirds

  1. Big migration from Canada, I understand, with some motels catering to them. The license plates reading ONTARIO clog I-75 in early December going south and returning to the north in early May. In Ohio to maintain residency (and the income tax base) a person must be in residence for six months. If you make Florida your legal residence and can avoid Ohio’s hefty taxes you can’t show up until after the six months. So welcome to the “off shore” tax dodgers, Florida. They pay big taxes on the house, and food and gas, but (and this matters a lot to some) they duck the income tax. Is it a wash?

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