Thursday, February 5, 2015

Almost Made It

Dr. Ben Carson, the longshot GOP candidate for 2016, was sounding like the voice of reason among all the twitterpation about vaccinations last week when he said that all children should get their shots, period.  But then, to quote the old song, he went and spoiled it all by saying something stupid.

“These are things that we had under control. We have to account for the fact that we now have people coming into the country sometimes undocumented people who perhaps have diseases that we had under control,” he said. “So now we need to be doubly vigilant about making sure that we immunize them to keep them from getting diseases that once were under control.”

Head/desk.  The reality is that children in Central America get vaccinated; it has something to do with those countries having universal health care, and in places that don’t, NGO’s — many from the U.S. — who help parents get their kids vaccinated.

Oh, so close, Dr. Carson, to sounding reasonable.  But you had to throw in with the immigration nutsery.