Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3 barks and woofs on “Close Enough

  1. An email rec’d this AM from my brother claims that MSNBC has discounted the reports that O’Reilly exaggerated his record. So so not true the saint has clay feet. BUT Brian Williams, on the other hand, keeps lying and lying and lying and stretching the truth. You gotta love it.

  2. Following along your same premise, I left Cuba on March 10, 1960 (holy moly batman, that was 55 years ago) under false pretenses. Our travel visa said we were going to visit relatives in Miami and would be back in two weeks. Does that make me a Cuban Spy stationed in Miami or Batista government official slipping out disguised as a six year boy dressed in white linen shorts and shirt with a black and white plaid vest and black and white saddle shoes.

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