Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold Morning

At 5:38 a.m.:

Miami Weather 02-20-15I think this is the coldest temperature I’ve seen in Miami.  I know; it’s a lot worse up north.  I’m not complaining about the cold personally; I’m from the Midwest and I grew up with subzero temperatures and piles of snow.  It’s a reminder that Florida — even as far south as Miami — can get cold, and that technically we’re not in the tropics.

The cold does have an effect on agricultural interests, so a freeze up in the citrus belt or the vegetable belt will effect the price of your orange juice or at the salad bar.  Plus, all the snowbirds who came down to escape the cold air will wonder why they paid all that money to shiver on the beach.

This is supposed to be the last morning of this current cold wave.  The temperatures are expected to bounce back to normal later today.

Miami Forecast 02-20-15See you on the beach.

7 barks and woofs on “Cold Morning

  1. It’s 62 to here and we are predicted to be 80 today and maybe 90 by Sunday! Russ and I are planting a rose bush today and I am mowing the front lawn. I feel for all you people freezing up north, hang tough, spring is around the corner.

  2. Here in the Upper Peninsula a record low of minus 26, beating the previous record of minus 15 for the day. And of course our baby chicks arrived yesterday…they’re under heat lamps and appear to be doing fine.

  3. Were you here for Christmas morning, ’89?

    It was as cold as I can remember, 30F.

    Gougers were getting better than $4/gal for heating oil.

  4. The coldest I can remember in Houston was a night of 5°F sometime in mid-winter. Running the heat in an ancient rent house at full blast, I could never get the indoor temp above 65°F until that freeze was over. In the middle of the night I was awakened by a BANG! that could have been mistaken for a gunshot, but I knew it was just the cracking of the soundboard of my harpsichord (fortunately not fatal in most cases including this one).

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