Monday, February 23, 2015

Eastbound and Down

The winter weather has been in all the news lately: record cold in the Midwest and even the South, snowstorm after snowstorm pummeling Boston and New England, and giving all the climate-change scoffers the opening to raze on fat old Al Gore.

Yeah, it’s been a tough winter in the East.  But what about the rest — as in the West?

The U.S. had the 24th warmest January in the 1895-2015 temperature record, NOAA reported this week. And we saw four times as many daily warm temperature records as daily cold records. Globally it was the second-hottest January on record.


NOAA reports “during January, there were 3,499 warm daily temperature records broken or tied (1,906 warm maximum and 1,593 warm minimum), compared to 775 cool daily temperature records broken or tied (441 cool maximum and 334 cool minimum).” That’s a ratio of more than 4-to-1.

Statewide Average Temps Jan 2015 02-23-15News flash: there is life outside of the Eastern Time Zone.  And it’s getting hot out there.

3 barks and woofs on “Eastbound and Down

  1. You aren’t kidding! Mt Ashland had no snow to open last year. A couple freaky storms left enough for some snow on top for extreme skiers this year. A friend of mine that lives across from the Olympics in WA posted a spring-time (current) pic that brought horror to me! Just a speck of snow there! I spent my summers at grandma and grandpas’ at Discovery Bay on the Olympic Peninsula, and I’m sure in my memory bank there was snow in the dead of summer. Another friend posted a pic on her way back from an outing in N CA of Shasta Lake with an even more alarming level than something like a decade or so ago was recovering….I could go on, but I won’t. The only thing about this that is saving my bacon, is that my heating bill with extra layers of clothing is keeping my bill below $100. All the while the crazies are stirring up shit and screaming OBAMA DOESN’T LOVE YOU/ISN’T A CHRISTIAN!!!!!/rant done….

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