Thursday, February 19, 2015

Freeze Warning

It happens almost every winter here in South Florida, but it still catches locals by surprise.

Miami Weather 02-19-15On the upside, today’s high temperature of 60 is expected to be tomorrow’s low.

6 barks and woofs on “Freeze Warning

  1. It’s -2 here in southern Ohio where your baby brother is stopping by for a couple of nights before he heads to visit you. When he left Seattle the weather there was 61. Whiplash.

  2. Wind chill? At 45 degrees? Seriously? It’s minus 19 here in the Upper Peninsula right now. At 45 degrees I’d be outside in shorts barbecuing.

  3. Very cold here as well. The high today is predicted at 7 degrees.
    The dog goes out and comes right back usually holding one paw or the other up as she limps along looking pitiful. She and I would love the 40 degree point.

    • Very weird – our two yellow labs don’t seem much bothered by the cold but the golden retrievers freeze up the minute they step outside. It hurts to watch them.

  4. 12 degrees on the Metro platform (not counting the wind chill). OTOH, I DID move up here for four actual seasons, so I’m kinda enjoying the cold. Enjoying the snow removal (or lack thereof), not so much.

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