Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Revolution Will Be On Netflix

Via Riptide:

Cubans will soon get to watch shows about corrupt, conniving politicians and the inadequacies of America’s prison system.

Yes, Netflix has officially launched in Cuba, bringing shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black to the island. The move also means that Netflix now offers its services in every single country in the Americas.

“We are delighted to finally be able to offer Netflix to the people of Cuba, connecting them with stories they will love from all over the world,” said Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings in a statement. “Cuba has great filmmakers and a robust arts culture and one day we hope to be able to bring their work to our global audience of over 57 million members.”

Granted, at the moment very few Cubans will actually be able to access the service. As of 2012, only about 25.6 percent of the population has access to the internet, and many have to rely on access through hotels, internet cafes, embassies and at work. It’s estimated that only 5 percent of the population has unrestricted, private access to the internet, and even then speeds are slow.

We’ve gone from reruns of Kate & Allie on TV Marti to House of Cards.  Forget about opening embassies and lifting the travel ban; this more than anything else signals the big thaw between Cuba and the U.S.

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  1. Opening the US Embassy again, I wonder if the Swiss plan to give us back our building? Is not the end all or be all to normalization, its just one step as is loosing travel restrictions. The fastest way to change things, is through Netflix and Whoppers, Big Mac’s, Taco Bell and 501’s. Ok I hear the nay says yelling at me already, MOST OF THE CUBAN POPULATION DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET OR MONEY TO SPEND ON BK AND MICKY-D’s. But neither did the millions living behind Churchill’s Iron Curtain. But it rusted and fell, partly due to the exposure of the people behind it to good old fashion US CONSUMER GOODS – burgers/fries (supersize it) and Levi’s Jeans, comfort fit.

    • You and I are going to open the first NAPA Auto Parts store in Havana. We’ll be rich beyond the dreams of Avarice.

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