Friday, February 6, 2015

This One Got Elected

Mercifully Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin did not get elected to the Senate from Missouri in 2012.  No such luck with this douchebag:

Rape Is Awful But... Tweet 02-06-15He represents Morganton, West Virginia, and I am sure the people there are so proud to have him as their voice in the state legislature and to the world.

One bark on “This One Got Elected

  1. May just be me, but I read the Rep’s info as R-OuterMongolia.

    Must. Not. Forget. All children are beautiful to wingnuts. Unless they’re Blah. Or Brown. Or queer. Or poor. Or Muslim. Or Something-else-we-don’t-like. Until they’re born.

    Makes you think they’d oppose the 19th Amendment, not because women can’t make responsible decisions, and not because they’re their husbands’ property, but simply because they aren’t actual people so much as fetus factories.

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