Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wagon Train

Fifth in the series…

1971 Ford Country Squire1971 Ford Country Squire. Ours was pewter grey with a camel-brown interior and came from Kistler Ford in Toledo. It had the 429 CID engine, all the bells and whistles, and went through gas like crazy. It was also the family’s last fake-wood-grain wagon until I got the Pontiac. After all the kids were off to college or boarding school, Mom traded it for a 1974 Volvo 164 sedan from Kahn Motors.

3 barks and woofs on “Wagon Train

  1. Before too many years I bought a new Volvo off the showroom floor ….a sexy looking black 1978. It ran until 1998. After years of driving kiddie cars – station wagons and the Cherokee – I swore off family cars and moved into the world of “foreign” like Volvo and BMW. But no car I’ve ever had was so classy and so reliable as my black Volvo. I’m working on getting that amount of years on my current 2003 Mini Cooper.

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